Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Valentine Letter to share..

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner or should I say 4 days from now.. I’m sure there are a lot of couples looking forward to this day, *ahem! That would include us! XD This once a year event started way back centuries ago and though it may not be considered as a holiday with no work, people still go on dates to celebrate whatever the case may be.

But this year, consider it different as it comes with a partner. We’re celebrating February 14 as Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. I’m not sure how rare it would be in this case (need to google that one up!) but it just shows that there’s more reason to celebrate on this day. For those in love, it may consider to be the sweetest day especially when the one planning the day would be the guys – making reservations, setting a nice get-up, and buying roses and chocolates. Likewise, the ladies will be busy choosing what to wear to look gorgeous for the date and looking forward to what they will be receiving and spending that day with her man.

But remember that even single people do celebrate this day; they usually do it in groups. The more the merrier, right? :) I know we all have our loved ones whether it be our parents, siblings, cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, pets, crushes, and the list just goes on; but at least we have them even if we still haven’t found the right one. To make it short, whether we love and we feel loved or not, we still have a reason to celebrate. In our modern time, there are so many different ideas that we can think of, we just have to be strong-willed, creative and dedicated for it to happen. I’m wondering how that day will turn out for me ^_^ feels excited because I know I have a gift.. hihi

Okay so enough about that, here’s something I found lurking somewhere out there.. It’s a Valentine letter but I wonder if the recipient will be able to read it, what do you think?


After reaching this point, I felt kinda gushy while listening to Secret‘s I Want You Back and finishing my entry here. *teary-eyed mode* I do hope that those two will be able to settle things this time whether the outcome may be positive or not, at least the sender will be able to move on after a very long time of waiting. Eight years is no joke especially if it involves feelings, I couldn’t even imagine myself in that position. It’s way too long and suffering that much for someone who doesn’t even show a sign of love and care is definitely something one should think twice but if it’s worth the wait then why not. 

Anyhow,  time for me to stop so that I can already publish this.. I'm 2 days due since I was supposed to finish this Monday but because of unforeseen circumstances this entry has been delayed. I'm hoping I can post something here on Vday but it would now depends on my schedule since I will be out the whole day; as in right when I'm ready early in the morning! :)

Hope you guys will have a really Happy Hearts Day!! (''v'')
and Advance Kung Hei Fat Choi