Friday, April 16, 2010

What an Experience - Super Junior Super Show 2 live in Manila

Another post due.. T__T

I have been really busy with work this week, has to resolve some mid-range issues, business meeting with clients, and trying everything I can to finish up all my pending works. Unfortunately, I wasn't able today so I'll be working overtime tomorrow at the office.

Okay so last Saturday night was awesome! great! one heck of a memorable night for me and the rest of the Elfs. I still couldn't believe that it will be a week tomorrow since I've last seen Super Junior.. At first I though it was only me but while tuning in to twitter, almost everybody misses them and would want them back ASAP! ^^ I'm still getting goosebumps while watching their pics and vids thinking I was really there and it's overwhelming to be a part of a very great production especially super Junior is my fave kpop group. :)

April 9, I had to prepare everything I need to bring to Manila. While I was home at lunch, I was browsing thru some posts and spotted their pics while arriving at NAIA 1. That's the start of my heart thumping faster and getting cold hands, I thought this is really it! Tomorrow they will be right in front of me!

April 10, check in to the hotel. When we got there, so many fans are in lobby since they will be having their press con at Edsa Shang. Had to take lunch and thanks to Caren's Dolfenal my headache was gone before I know it. Strolling at Megamall for awhile then head back to the hotel to freshen up and get ready to rock Araneta. We just ride the MRT and when we got there, the place is already jam packed with fans lining up. I was able to meet Leigh, Pia, Jowella to get some of the items I ordered and the chibis I sponsored. We had to separate with Nicky & Caren since we don't have the same section, bought a few water to relax the throat after shouting and singing out loud then headed to the door that will lead us to the section 205. It took time for people to settle down, I've read a post that only 8,000 tickets were sold so there's a remaining 2000 available seats that time. Seated front row, so when the clock strikes 8 the lights were turned off the one by one they appeared. I wasn't expecting it to be like that but guess who stand right in front of me? DONGHAE - the one I dream about a few days back (Heechul was also in that dream). Then everything came right after another, eyes can't dare to blink a second, lips was smiling all the time. I was kinda busy in texting Abby for updates as well as taking pics but still was able to concentrate with the show. I couldn't miss not taking a pic there (pics to follow since this entry is already long). I kept thinking I don't want it to end but after 3 hours after their encore, they said goodbye. :( I was sad and don't really want to go back to the hotel but we have to take dinner so we had to leave. Got my chibis, had dinner then went back to the hotel to rest. Took few shots at the lobby, pool area, tweeting and checking for updates then I hit the sack. I was really hoping to see them at the hotel but I guess it wasn't the right time.

April 11, had breakfast at HEAT. Went out to buy materials to pack the chibi and when we were about to go out, we saw Happee, Vernon and some Korean Staff preparing for check out so by that time I know we wouldn't be able to see them off. :(  So after we checked out, we stayed at Shangrila Plaza for lunch in Tokyo Tokyo, few strolls and buy some things to bring back to Cebu then went straight ahead to NAIA 3. When we got there it was still early and were informed that our flight is delayed by an hour, in most cases we do experience this with Cebu Pacific. Well, it didn't matter to me much since they accepted the size of the chibi for check in, not until I found out there's no wifi! Boring wait at the airport is no good, we can't walk around coz we're already tired. On board the plane, I couldn't stop thinking about the concert and how I love "beautiful" Donghae's composed song which he performed with Eunhyuk. I got all teary-eyed so I decided to close my eyes and sleep instead of thinking and saddening myself. Landed at 8pm then headed straight home, I was so tired and sleepy so I wasn't able to go online that long. 

A more detailed entry on the concert will be followed soon.. :)
Up until now I still can't get over the concert and I just keep on listening to their songs. 
I guess this is the proof that I'm a true-blue Suju fan, even at the office I just can't stop spazzing about it and had to encourage my officemates to listen to their songs. Even posted up pictures right inf ront of my monitor. lol :)

Btw, I wasn't able to fully read my book on happiness and I guess I couldn't join the havaianas contest. April will soon end and I have not had an entry, will see if I can make it. Keeping my fingers crossed XD

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Countdown to Super Show 2 in Manila

This post is way too delayed already, I just find the time now to blog it all up since tomorrow will be a holiday.. XD

picture credits to Pulp Live Productions

Super Junior Super Show 2 - the much anticipated concert for us Elfs or should I say Kpop fans. ^^ It will be held on April 10, 2010 at Araneta Coliseum, this will be the last stop for their Super Show 2 Concert. They have done it in Korea, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and now here in our very own country. 9 more days to go and it’s getting the fans or should I say “us” more and more excited to watch them perform live.


I learned about this last January, when I’m doing my usual check on Facebook then I saw Happee’s post. It took me an hour to decide since the concert will be held in Manila, but I was thinking *WTH! I must watch them; it’s their first concert here!! Without even knowing who I’ll be watching it with and if I’m allowed to go, I just pm’ed Happee to reserve me 2 tickets. It took two weeks I think before I got confirmed for SVIP Seated – Lower Box for Araneta’s seating arrangement, which is the nearest seat to the boys. I would have gone for SVIP Standing or Upper Box A if I wasn’t confirmed, but I was already happy with that.

To make the story short, I was able to get good seats for me and Jufang and that was already enough. :) Done my part with that and thanks to all those who helped me too.  And the good news is they made the stage bigger and closer to svip seated on the sides, more closer glimpse of the boys.. hihi 

By the way, I posted a picture of our tickets on my previous blog but I need to update it with the exchanged tickets. :) I’m already happy and excited for the day to come and while waiting I also help with Suju Mad’s projects, I think that’s the least that I can do since I’m here in Cebu. Also, last Sunday, March 28 – there was a Merchandise Sale Event in Alphaland Southgate Mall in Makati City. There were plenty of VERY NICE Kpop items that were sold that day, I feel envious seeing pictures posted by some attendees. SVIP ticket holders would get a chance to exchanged their tickets for better seats and some tickets for that area that weren't claimed was also sold that time. 

While Smart Bro gave out FREE Gen Ad tickets for those who plan to file for retention of their Smart Bro’s Postpaid Account. See the benefits of being there, lucky to them.. :) Thanks to Jufang's Postpaid subscription, Nicky was able to get 2 free tickets! Nic, you should definitely treat us to dinner after the concert.. hehe

Lastly, we are inviting those who haven’t bought tickets to buy already. There are still tickets available for the show, you may reserve online or go to the nearest tickenet outlet. Let us all give them a full house so that they would want to come back and perform again; I know you would want to have Super Show 3 here right? :p So don’t let this chance passes you by, remember it’s their first concert in the Philippines. For those who have tickets, please invite more friends to watch XD or help spread the word around. I’ve seen how us fans are united because of this concert and let’s all continue to do that so that they will enjoy their stay here..


A shout out to Pulp Live Productions for making it possible here, I know how hard you have been working for this event and I’m sure it will really pay off in the end. Thanks to Happee, Vernon, Apple, Rizza, Faith, Lucky, Luanne, Lerma, Joy and the rest of the team. Without you this wouldn’t be possible. :D