Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happiness Pt. 1


I’ve been hearing a lot about it here and there for quite some time now; I’ve even felt it at times when something good happens. Well now, I need to organize my thoughts about what it really is and how it is felt by others. Feel free to share your experiences here also that way I could slowly analyze its impact on us. 

For me, even the smallest thing or effort will already make me happy, especially when something good comes unexpectedly whether you’re the one doing the deed or the other way around. It’s not just a good feeling, but the level achieved when we felt it is really wonderful. I know there are a lot of factors that would let us cross path with the feeling of being happy, yes! More than what you think there is. If I have to enumerate all of it then it will took me a day to finish this entry, but you already know what I mean. I believe that everybody feels it, even the tiniest bit of happiness unless you’re a born KJ.. lol no seriously, I think even recluse people (no offense to them) will be able to experience that feeling at some point in their lives. I couldn’t imagine someone being able to live life without feeling it. Could you? Even mean people get to be happy when they make other people feel terrible.

Happy > Good Mood, while Good Mood > Happy. Puzzling? I don’t think so, it’s really simple just don’t read it mathematically, ayt? Whichever way it may be, they will always be linked to one another. Lately, I have been contemplating on myself about this but still couldn’t get the words out, is it that hard? Or am I just too drained and exhausted to think? I’ve been doing quite a number of things both at home and at the office so when I have my free time; it usually goes down to the internet or tv. And without me focusing on this matter, not much will be shared.

Anyway, I know I still have time but I must make a move as early as now. Time has already been wasted and I know I will be busier this coming summer. So to be able to conclude my analysis, I should read my book first. I bought it a few years way back; the title is “The Discovery of Happiness”. It’s around ¾ inch thick so it may take some time but I promise to finish it before I fly to Manila for the concert. That way I may be able to evaluate and understand my feelings when I see Super Junior.. hehe XD

Expect a part two of this entry, that’s where I will be sharing my findings, and conclusion on this matter. But don’t expect too much, as I’m not a remarkable writer or what.  I will just be sharing my thoughts still.. 

Meling just texted me earlier today and I would like to send out my 
Congratulations to Kuya Raymund and Mia for having a new angel in their family, it’s a baby girl named Amanda.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Today we watched - Alice in Wonderland

Started the day early when boss texted me I need to send the plans for a meeting. At least that text message woke me up so I have to get my body up early to do everything since we need to be at Ayala before 1:55pm or else our reservation from sureseats will be cancelled. Gone to the office to get the files then bought lunch for me and Josefi (Joei's screen name) hehe Then came home and washed my clothes, gave Joei his lunch and had mine too. While getting ready waiting for Jufang, had to change clothes and check updates on facebook. 

We didn't stay long there, 45 minutes of waiting before the show then few rounds at the mall to look for a gift. We bought dinner and then came home, so many things to do actually. I'm beginning to think that I must not waste every minute and now I must be off working on the details for the CRITH project. But before doing that, I would love to share my thoughts on the movie "Alice in Wonderland".

It's actually a very nice movie but it isn't that long to watch. Alice is played by Mia Wasikowska, when she turned 19 years old she returns to Wonderland after following the white rabbit into the woods and she fell into a hole on the trunk of a tree. She then met Tweedledee and Tweedledum (the twins), Dormouse, Blue Caterpillar, where all of them take a look at the scroll that tells about their future. They were searching for the right Alice that was sketched on the scroll, because that Alice would be the one to save all of them. Then she met the Mad Hatter played by the very great Johnny Depp, he's really good with this kind of roles. :D Right after that she also met Stayne, Red Queen with Big Head (a cutie!) and the White Queen. The sketch on the scroll came true so you can already imagine what happened. By the way before she went to follow white rabbit, the son of the lord proposed to her in front of many people but when she got back after fighting with Jabberwocky she declined the proposal but instead of becoming the daughter-in-law of the lord, she became an apprentice to his business. 

 We didn't watch the 3D version so I really don't know the difference.. Also I so love the Red Queen's attitude! hehe I'm not mean, but I really love the character compared to the White Queen - she's just plain nice.. The other one is also the cat! Color combination looks good compared to the cartoon version.. 

Meet the Red Queen!

See the color of the cat here, really nice... :D
I also love the green eyes of the Mad Hatter! hehe

I'm quite satisfied with the movie, no wonder I've been ranting about watching the movie.. hehe ^^,

Friday, March 5, 2010

Super Junior M – Super Girl

Since Super Junior will be coming to town, the Super Junior Fever is HUGE! I do mean it, you can see people talking about it on facebook and some are busy preparing for the concert. There are also several events that will be held prior to the concert while there are some fans who are living in Manila that would really take the risk and expense to stay at Edsa Shang hoping to be close to the boys.. ^^ Imagine spending 8,000++ a night, well.. we have our excuse since we will be flying from Cebu so we really need a place to stay in for the night after the concert. :P Plus, Pulp Productions partnered with Edsa Shang to give a group discount for those who will be staying at the hotel just for the concert (good news for us!).

Okay, now I’m sharing the only CD I got *for now! :P It’s Super Junior M’s Super Girl Album. Super Junior M (Mandarin) is one of the sub-groups of Super Junior. Consist of Hangeng (leader), Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, and additional 2 members Henry and Zhou Mi. They are more gear towards the Chinese fans especially in China since they do produce songs in Chinese lyrics. They also do commercial ads for Pepsi. This is their 2nd album and it became number one here in the Philippines. ^^, Major fan support! Hehe

I got this online, I was thinking that if I’m gonna get their album might as well look for the one with their autographs so that it will really be something rare.  Luckily I found one online and the seller is super nice to me, I was able to get it thru layaway since it cost much more than the usual album. HAPPY HAPPY MAU MAU when I claimed it at the post office. By the way, I bought the CD together with an autographed poster. It’s gonna make my collection fabulous! XD I'm just starting  though.. hihi

Here are a few shots of their album:







I missed to take a Pic of Henry's Autograph on the booklet.. Will just update it

Anyway, the album consists of 5 songs:
Super Girl
Blue Tomorrow
Only U
You & Me

You can buy the album online at yesasia or in local music stores here in the Philippines.
I was even planning to buy the Super Show 2 album just in case I will be seeing them; I might be able to have it signed by them personally. Wishful thinking! Lol

Minutes ago, I would like to make a shout out greeting to my dad!! :D
He’s celebrating his birthday and he’s not in Cebu.. 
Hopefully you’ll get home soon so that we can have another family dinner out.
Take good care of yourself especially when it comes to your safety and health.
We love you!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shopping Time! - ...because of Super Junior, I got these...

Last February 20 was supposed to be the claiming date of our Super Junior Super Show tickets in SM ticketnet but because of the event in Manila it was moved to the 22nd. We only knew about that early morning on the 22nd so since Saturday until Monday I have been to SM with Caren & Jufang to constantly check if we could already claim our tickets.

The time and effort for us to be there already cost us, but for the sake of super junior what the heck! Hehe At least we will be securing it first so that when it’s confirmed we will be able to book our flights and reserve a room for out hotel. By the way, Caren just reserved our room in Edsa Shang this morning! Yey! Same hotel as them, hopefully our rooms are close to their rooms. There will be lots and lots of picture taking by then.. hehe

Take a peek into our tickets!
Even if we were transferred to a different section, at least we got the front row seats.

Okay, on-topic now.. While waiting and waiting, I grew tired. So to dissipate my boredom, I shopped! I once told myself last January not to spend off my money so that I could spend it for the event but that time I just feel I need to. I’ve been disappointed a few times on this matter and I believe that splurging a bit will not hurt my wallet much.

So while I was with Caren, we went to Book Sale. It’s located at the Lower Ground Floor of SM, you can actually find good books and magazines at a low price. I was trying to look for good titles but what caught my eye isn’t related to Architecture, but a “manga”. I was surprise to see it there, but I’m happy to have found it because it’s almost 70% off the selling price. It’s the 2nd book of Pita Ten, and I’m hoping to look for more. Maybe in my upcoming blogs I will be sharing some points about this manga, it just involves an angel, a devil, and little boy.

On the Cover is Shia – the devil.
  too cute to be a devil.. ^^

Then I head off to the department store to wait for Jufang to arrive. Looking here and there on their display of flip flops, sandals, accessories and clothes, actually there are many nice items. I just couldn’t afford myself to buy it all; I need to be rich first! Lol Boots and sandals lined up by the display but my attention got hooked to this cute wedge type platform sandals. Should see pic to appreciate.. hehe I took it for a fit first but then put it back because I was thinking of waiting for Jufang before I start spending and then regret it later. So off to accessories shelves, I found a nice simple silver bracelet with one heart charm. It’s similar to the bracelet that I lost back when I was heartbroken.. XD But this one is more “ME”, only one silver apart from all gold ones that were displayed so without a doubt I took it off the rack.

Finally, Jufang came and I showed him the sandals. When he said it looks good, then I decided that it should go home with me! Hehe Being a Shopaholic is in my blood, I don’t have to deny it since there’s nothing wrong with that as long as I don’t go overboard. So that’s how Super Junior has helped me obtain those two things below.

 Missed wearing wedge platforms.. 

Simple and Exquisite but NOT Extravagant

Lastly I was able to buy some cloths and pillows for Joei and made him a new bed. It's just an unused  Styrofoam where  apples are placed then I put the cloth on it together with the pillows on the side. Covered the entire thing with a huge plastic so that it will not be damaged when it gets wet, take a look at Joei loving his new bed and his looney tunes blanket.


Before I end this long entry, I would like to greet Jufang, a Happy Happy Birthday!!
Turned 26 today and I surprise him with a Super Junior inspired card and cupcake.
Always live your life to the fullest so that in the end you won’t have to regret anything!
We live once so we must enjoy every minute of it..

Here's a share of the cupcake!
Cupcakes courtesy of Kusina Habana.
Thanks to Nheil, you delivered it earlier than expected! ;)
Please check out: