Friday, November 27, 2009

Mau's Diet Plan - Fit & Healthy

It wasn't until recently that I noticed I was that thin BEFORE.. :(
Those pictures of us while still in college really get to me, so now that would be the one that should push me to really get my body worked out back to the way it was then. Actually a lot of people is noticing that, but I didn't mind them so that I won't feel bad about myself.. *in denial stage* lol


Mau wearing green at the back..    

    Mau wearing a fit mustard dress..     

In order to overcome the fear of becoming outsize, I needed to do something to stop it. So just last 2 weeks ago, I started to do rounds at the oval of Abellana Sports Complex.Well at least for a start, little by little will improve a lot. I have to keep my hopes high on this so that I will be encouraged more. As they always say "think positive"; even if I have to go through a lot, in the end there will be a reward after all the hard work and I'm sure it will be something GREAT!! :D


The only girl in the pic is me..

That's how I looked like before

Imagine the great difference of Mau now and before, so even if work permits me only to go 2-3 days a week I should still be able to compensate the time loss even at home.


Exercise - Twist and bending + Hip Hop Abs + Dancing at home
                - Walking, Jogging at Sports Complex

Sports     - Badminton, Swimming

Meal       - Breakfast: Cereal/Bread and Fruits
                - Lunch     : Half Rice and White Meat
                - Snacks   : Oatmeal and Skyflakes
                - Dinner    : Oatmeal and Fruits

I hope what I listed down tonight will be implemented bit by bit so that time will come I will get used to it. I was actually happy when I started walking around the oval because after that I don't feel like indulging myself with what to have for dinner, in short - I lose my appetite! :D I only take fruits then so that I won't feel hungry before the clock strikes 10 p.m.


I need, want, & must do this!
For a greater, happier, & healthy me..

Let's see what will happen after a month. :D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Party Out for Zoukout Contest

Here's the link!
Party Out for Zoukout Contest

I just wanted to try to join a contest. A trip to SG is one of my plan, just a vacation and enough to leave things behind for a moment. Winner will already be announce next Saturday, but whatever the outcome may be at least I gave it a shot. ^^,

Please visit my entry and you may leave a comment.
For more info on the contest, you can check their site here

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sony Ericsson Satio "IDOU" - My dream phone

Last few years, I have been only using Sony Ericsson mobile phones since they are the one that catches up my attention every time my mobile carrier permits me to have retention on my current plan. Just this year, I was able to get myself Sony K770i Cybershot. It may not be as high tech as the latest models but I can take nice shots with this phone, but of course it wouldn't be as nice as those taken with a digicam.

It only has a 3.2megapixel camera in it but because of the cybershot technology, it's much better compared to other phone with the same specifications for the camera. I'm not much of a cellphone addict since most of the time I only use it to contact my families, friends and work, not to mention I  also used it to surf the net when I'm bored and sleepy.. :D

But recently, I found this new phone. A 12 megapixel camera phone from Sony Ericsson.. - SE Satio - 

Imagine a time when I don't have to bring my canon powershot to be able to take shots in case I really needed to, this is the best that I've seen so far and the one that really makes me want to upgrade to sa new phone fast!!

It has almost all the specs I wanted with a new phone, cool camera, touchscreen lcd, wifi, GPS, plus a nice body design. I would choose this over iphone, it reflects my personality more than any other. hehe :p

You can google up reviews and videos about this phone. It's really nice and I'm looking forward to getting one anytime soon..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cebu Pac's P1 ticket..

How I wish I will be blessed with something that will earn me money..
I'm dying to visit SG, of course for a week long vacation and to be away from all the worries I have here. Now here comes Cebu Pacific's Promo for the 2nd time, having its P1 fare on all domestic and international flights. It will be up til tomorrow only and it's really driving me crazy. I kept on searching for the dates having that price but it's really not that easy. :( I'm sure many people are barging into the site to avail tickets for themselves also.

The best part about this second promo is that the flying period will be on June to September next year, which means it will be in time for the Singapore Great Sale!! Guess I'll have to wait again, when time and budget permits me to go..

...:: sad ::...

Twenty Five

Just 4 days ago, I turned 25..
Yay!! Belated Happy Birthday to me. :p

As the years go by, I couldn't experience that much excitement the way I felt before probably because I know I will not be getting any younger. Sometimes I get to think about the years have passed, how many more years I will be having. I know it worries me because my time is getting lesser and I have so many goals in life that I really need to achieve.

I have many things revolving around my mind like setting ways to achieve my goals, my responsibilities as I grew older, and most especially my top priorities. I once made a dream book during a seminar on what I want and plan to achieve and I believe each of them would link to one another, good thing one by one I can accomplish them but it's not as easy like the way I drew them out.

Oh well, life has always been this challenging.. So for now, I need to straightened things out so I will know what I need to do first..