Tuesday, February 14, 2012

... of Career Life

See you Cebu, Hello Singapore!

A difficult line I have to say or rather a very difficult decision I had made. I find myself unexpectedly in this situation to which I believe can bring me a step closer to my goal, that is to give my family the best of what I can give back to them. Happiness is what I want to achieve not just for me but for people who are truly dear to me and share it around to others, like what they say we only get to live once so must make the most out of it. 

Choosing a career path may sound easy but loving what you do when you start working is a different thing. In my case, it has been a dream to provide my family a home where we don't have to live in a worry so that leads me to take up Architecture. Being in this field one must have lots of perseverance and patience, frankly speaking if the creative line is in the blood you've got the passion to succeed! 

But.. It's not just about being a designer, you must also know how to run the business. Experience showed me a lot, so being a successful professional architect and the process of becoming one is quite challenging. I'm not saying this to discourage anybody, in fact it is a very interesting career. You would get to learn a lot researching on the other field of studies to incorporate into your design. It's just sad to see how other people halt midway realizing this is not what they want to do. The years of experience I had taught me to open up my mind and understand how things should be, thus I'm able to love what I do. You don't hear it from everyone when they say they had fun at work despite having up and down moments.

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