Sunday, July 4, 2010

Laarnaay’s Boutique La Chic Chicks Giveaway

I have been out of this blogging world for some time now so this post may be midway due. 
So for all those who loves online contest, this is a very great chance for you to join. Imagine yourself joining a contest without having to use your money, great right? This is one thing we enjoy in life, when we get something for free. I know, I do feel the happiness when I get something without having to use my money.. heehee
Laarnaay boutique is having a La Chic Chicks Giveaway which I'm sure shopaholics would love, check her site out for very nice and sexy items. So on to the contest, it's very simple! All you need to do is posts and posts more, spread the word to friends and let them join too. You will be earning points by doing so, you can make a blog on it like what I'm doing, post it on facebook (I know most of the people already have facebook so goo!), share on twitter, and plurk.

So you got my point? Just typing on your keyboards would already give you a chance to win one of these 2 amazing prices - Forever21 $15 Gift Certificate ( and Victoria’s Secret $15 Gift Certificate ( Who would not want that? I know I would, it's a chance you would not want to miss. For more info of the giveaway, please click here. You need to fill out the entry form on her site to be able to join once you have posted about the contest, so what are you waiting for? Start typing! 

Good Luck! :)