Tuesday, February 14, 2012

... of Career Life

See you Cebu, Hello Singapore!

A difficult line I have to say or rather a very difficult decision I had made. I find myself unexpectedly in this situation to which I believe can bring me a step closer to my goal, that is to give my family the best of what I can give back to them. Happiness is what I want to achieve not just for me but for people who are truly dear to me and share it around to others, like what they say we only get to live once so must make the most out of it. 

Choosing a career path may sound easy but loving what you do when you start working is a different thing. In my case, it has been a dream to provide my family a home where we don't have to live in a worry so that leads me to take up Architecture. Being in this field one must have lots of perseverance and patience, frankly speaking if the creative line is in the blood you've got the passion to succeed! 

But.. It's not just about being a designer, you must also know how to run the business. Experience showed me a lot, so being a successful professional architect and the process of becoming one is quite challenging. I'm not saying this to discourage anybody, in fact it is a very interesting career. You would get to learn a lot researching on the other field of studies to incorporate into your design. It's just sad to see how other people halt midway realizing this is not what they want to do. The years of experience I had taught me to open up my mind and understand how things should be, thus I'm able to love what I do. You don't hear it from everyone when they say they had fun at work despite having up and down moments.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MYOH - Make Your Own Havaianas 2011

Another post due, MYOH Cebu ended last July 31. I was able to go there for the exclusive media event last July 27 before it was opened to the public the day after. I could say this is one of my most anticipated event yearly, take note ONE meaning there are still plenty to count. ;D

MYOH started years ago in the Philippines. I believe it was 2003 that havaianas hits our country's shore, but it was not until later that I became addicted to them. So here's a shot of what I got myself made, it's the 4th for this year. 
The menu for that evening's event, media, famous local personalities were everywhere. And we just arrived there from work and almost drenched in rain, good thing our umbrellas came in handy.

I wore my Marimekko for that special event, motto: wear havaianas on a havaianas event!

 The cute lil pins that would go into my new pairs. <3

Me showing off my ticket for the 2 free pins. :D

Lastly, Me and my guest, Cath. and together with us is our assembler Pao and another staff you help took a picture before. Thank you! 

The experience has always been amazing year by year, the number of my MYOH pairs has been growing as well. It all adds up to my wonderful collection of havaianas, it would be great showcasing them all but I need to gather those lovely pairs first.. Locating them isn't that easy anymore with plenty of boxes all piled up.. lol 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to another year of fun loving customization of my favorite flip flops brand - havaianas! Thank you for the invite and for the happy memories of making my own pair. <3 <3 <3

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nikon Extra Ordinary Angles Entries

I just saw this contest early this week, I believe it was last Tuesday or Wednesday.
It is pretty cool because anyone can join as long as they are in these countries: Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Thailand and New Zealand.. 

All you need to do is connect it to your facebook account, I'm sure 99% of you have facebook so it is as simple with just one click. There's no need to fill up registration forms, save us a lot of time. So after that, start uploading pictures but do take note that only 5 entries per person per day is allowed as indicated on their contest rules. 

Visit this site for more information:

I have started uploading my entries and I'm asking for your support, kindly click on the vote button at the lower left bottom of the picture. I will be listing all the links to my entries so that it will be easier on both our parts, I would appreciate the help. Thanks much! <3

I will update this list from time to time, please spread the word around. Last updated June 12, 2011. :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Love Story

A love story to share...

One day a boy and a girl met through common friends, both have different personalities and different background. They studied in the same college under the same course but it took long before they have finally met, actually they became friends during their last year in college. 

It wasn't until summer that the news break out that the boy likes the girl, they were camping in the mountain when the topic was opened by one of their friends. Both kept silent, it was an unexpected revelation. After that incident, they still kept in contact. For some they might find it awkward after hearing such and try to keep distance from the guy, but the girl was open to know more about him and appreciated the admiration of the boy. They remain as friends but a lot closer, they traveled out of town together with some of their friends. Texting with each other at night when they are just sleeping one room apart, giving the girl  2 monkey plushies before heading back home. Those were his first gifts to her, spend the day touring the city while eating out at night. 

They became a lot sweeter and would go out just the two of them. Spending time in helping her with her project, showing her that he's really there when she needed  him. Some of their friends were surprised of seeing them together going out as they didn't expect it. He would hold her hand while walking, giving her a sense of security. To her he was the most nicest gentleman she met, he was very understanding and through her the boy became a really good man. She was happy to see how proud he was of his love towards her.

On this day four years ago, when they got out from the school both decided to eat dinner at the mall. After that, the girl asked the boy to eat desserts with her, little did he knew she had prepared something for him. Inside the restaurant, she gave him a box with a necklace and a little note inside saying, "Yes, I would love to be your girl!". Since then, they became a couple but they also faced some challenges that would see how strong their relationship is. Both have been through a lot, but time has proven that their love is worth fighting for. 

That girl was me..

So B, remember that there will always be a time that God will give us challenges that would strengthen our bond. We must not see it negatively but instead we look for a way on how to pass through that test together, don't give up easily because he wouldn't give us anything we couldn't handle. Our faith in him is one thing we must always be reminded of, let him be the center of our relationship.

All those memories we have shared will always be kept in our hearts, I thank you for that. Without those, my life will not be as meaningful as this. I miss all those things we did together, how happy we are when we're together. I know we have been through a lot, but look at how far we have come, who we become and how we grow together as an individual and as a couple. 

It's true, we're different and unique. Not all people will be able to understand us and our relationship, we may not be perfect but we do make the most out of everything. :) I'm glad I stayed and I waited, to be there for you in times when you feel down. Everything was worth all the risk.

I guess, what I'm trying to say is you're that missing half that makes me complete. 
You're that one special person in my life that I just couldn't give up.
... and my life would really suck without you!

Thank you for everything!
♥ I love you dearly... ♥
Happy 4th Anniversary Baby
@=(^-^)=@ @=(^o^)=@

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Here's my share of  the story behind the big change in my life...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Laarnaay’s Boutique La Chic Chicks Giveaway

I have been out of this blogging world for some time now so this post may be midway due. 
So for all those who loves online contest, this is a very great chance for you to join. Imagine yourself joining a contest without having to use your money, great right? This is one thing we enjoy in life, when we get something for free. I know, I do feel the happiness when I get something without having to use my money.. heehee
Laarnaay boutique is having a La Chic Chicks Giveaway which I'm sure shopaholics would love, check her site out for very nice and sexy items. So on to the contest, it's very simple! All you need to do is posts and posts more, spread the word to friends and let them join too. You will be earning points by doing so, you can make a blog on it like what I'm doing, post it on facebook (I know most of the people already have facebook so goo!), share on twitter, and plurk.

So you got my point? Just typing on your keyboards would already give you a chance to win one of these 2 amazing prices - Forever21 $15 Gift Certificate ( and Victoria’s Secret $15 Gift Certificate ( Who would not want that? I know I would, it's a chance you would not want to miss. For more info of the giveaway, please click here. You need to fill out the entry form on her site to be able to join once you have posted about the contest, so what are you waiting for? Start typing! 

Good Luck! :)